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About Silken


A harmonious blend of sustainability and luxury, we believe in curating designs that are an extension of the simplest, most rustic nuances of nature. Inspired by the organic, earthy elements, our designs are poetry in motion.

With naturally beautiful hardwood sourced from across the world, we bring to life décor beauties that are individualistic and elegant. Each creation has a certain character to it, owing to our usage of live-edged wood. Trying to minimize waste to the core, our crafts persons try to make the best use of scrap and recovered woods. Furthermore, we procure wood solely from the fallen trees and used it unprocessed to embrace the bounties of nature.

With the pristine collaboration of nature and design, we blend our hardwood with epoxy to add strength and style to our collections. One of the most eco-friendly coatings in the history of humankind, epoxy comes from organic plant sources.

Our production process is such that no harmful fumes are emanated into the environment. With a mindful and sensitive approach, our craft is a testament to our skilled artisans who imbibe our creations with love and sensibility. We are Silken, a culture-driven, environmentally woke, and luxe décor brand. We add charm to life with sophisticated designs.


HANDCRAFTED - All our products are handmade. They aren't about machine-made perfection, they celebrate handmade imperfection. We curate our designs with an aim to empower the skill-full artisans around us.

CONSCIOUS - Sustainability is at the heart of our design thinking. None of our products come at the cost of the environment. Our processes, materials, designs and ideas are an expression of love for Mother Nature. 

RELEVANCE - Nature shows that utility and beauty go hand in hand. We’ve taken that inspiration and brought into every product. They look just as good as they do good. 

RELIABLE - We meticulously moderate our materials and processes. All our creations are food safe. It's safe to serve, safe to cook and safe for the environment.

FUSION - Fusing elements enhances utility and beauty, both. Our wood blended with epoxy. It makes products more purposeful, easier to use and simpler to clean. All along, keeping them food safe.



We use Acacia wood in our products because it's an all-natural, renewable material. But when there are risks involved in its procurement, we make sure to meet them head-on. At Silken, we use FSC or Vriksh certification to guarantee sustainable forest management as outlined in our Material Ethics Policy


All Silken products are certified food-safe, while still maintaining the beautiful craftsmanship of fine wooden furniture. We coat our products with plant-based hard oil wax, making them 100% food safe and improving their resilience against damage caused by everyday use.


Because of its organic origins, Epoxy is the most environmentally friendly of all casting materials. Unlike many other casting methods, Epoxy has no off-gassing and no hazardous byproducts.At Silken, we use Epoxy Resin because it fits our philosophy to be Reliable, Sustainable, and Conscious.


In my perspective, a home transcends its function as a mere dwelling; it should be a genuine reflection of one's identity and a cherished collection of personal treasures. This steadfast belief is the cornerstone of my unwavering passion for the world of interior design. For me, interior design goes beyond the mere act of making spaces visually appealing. It is an art of imbuing each space with character and significance. I draw inspiration from my journeys, immersing myself in diverse cultures and design styles. These experiences serve to broaden my horizons and ignite the flames of creativity within me. My journey through the realm of design has been greatly enriched by the invaluable experiences gained while working at esteemed design establishments. These opportunities have afforded me a profound understanding of the industry's latest trends and groundbreaking innovations.

However, my aspiration extends beyond the confines of trend-following; I strive to set new benchmarks and offer nothing less than the absolute best to the world of design. As my journey unfolded, I encountered a profound revelation—a deep-seated awareness of the imperative role sustainability and durability play in the world of design. This revelation led to the birth of Silken, my personal passion project. Silken transcends the realm of ordinary décor; it embodies a conscious and refined commitment to environmental stewardship. An ardent reader, I dedicated two years of my life to an exhaustive exploration of materials and their ecological impact. This research unveiled the potential of natural hardwood and epoxy as environmentally sensitive materials. Equipped with this knowledge, I embarked on a journey to collaborate with skilled artisans in the ancient workshops of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

My mission is clear and unwavering - to craft objects of beauty that not only captivate the eye but also stand as exemplars of sustainability. I firmly believe that design should serve as a catalyst for positive change, and Silken stands as my earnest contribution to a more environmentally conscious future. With every piece we create, our endeavor is to narrate a story of craftsmanship, sustainability, and enduring elegance. We extend a warm welcome to you to join us on this journey of mindful design and environmental responsibility. Your presence is invaluable as we collectively strive for a world where beauty coexists harmoniously with sustainability.

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